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The Role Of FAKRO Roof Windows In An Eco-Friendly Property

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FAKRO roof windows have come a long way from being a just window for your loft conversion. FAKRO, a leading roof window manufacturer, are continuously investing in the improvement of their roof windows' design and performance. 

So how can a simple roof window help the environment and reduce energy bills? Let’s take a look at the use of the FAKRO L-shaped window in the Green Unit® project.

Contemporary Carbon Neutral Modular Buildings

The Green Unit project offers a superb range of perfectly carbon neutral modular buildings. With a range of options, these eco-spaces can be used as living, work and trade spaces. Whilst they look pretty stylish, each conforms to Passivhaus principles and exceeds the Government's brief for sustainable new buildings.

To help these buildings reach their carbon neutral status, fitted on to the curved green roof is a FAKRO FTP P5 glazed centre pivot roof window, whilst the FAKRO vertical windows with a laminated inner pane make up the FAKRO "L-shaped" combination. South facing windows have external AMZ awning blinds to offset solar gain and help maintain a comfortable living or working space inside.

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Why The FAKRO FTP U5 Model?

It's simple: The FAKRO FTP U5 has a U-value of 0.97W/m2K, whilst the vertical windows have a U-value of 1.3W/m2K. Bearing in mind the average double glazed window has a U-value of 2.8W/m2K, we think this is pretty impressive. That and they look great from both inside and out!

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“The requirement for these buildings to be carbon neutral meant that procurement conditions for every element was considered in considerable depth. FAKRO worked with us to achieve what we required and gave us valuable advice,” said Jonathan Finnerty of The Green Unit.

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