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Our collection of comprehensive yet straightforward guides on the 5 major types of home extension aims to answer all of your questions and get your creative juices flowing, putting you on your way to creating your dream living or leisure space.

Our easy to navigate Extension Hub covers costs, planning permission, building regulations and designs, while to make things that bit easier, we will also point you in the direction of the best products on the market.

home extension with VELUX roof window- Sterlingbuild
loft conversion with VELUX roof window and VELUX blind- Sterlingbuild

Loft Conversions

Expand your house upwards with a loft conversion.

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Loft Conversion Guide

Aim for the sky with your home extension by renovating upwards and constructing the perfect loft space. Loft conversions are a popular way of not only adding a new room to your home, but a few pounds too, as your property’s value skyrockets while your living space grows bigger.

Whether creating space for a lodger or putting together the perfect room with a view, our guide covers everything that needs considering.

Basement Conversion Guide

The answer to your spatial conundrum could be right beneath your feet. As long as planning permission has been granted, building below the floorboards is a possibility that not many know is even possible.

Perfect for an office or playroom, basement conversions are a cost-effective way of increasing your property’s value. Our guide covers basement conversions and excavations, highlighting the best and most suitable basement rooflights available.

Basement extension with walk-on rooflights- Sterlingbuild

Basement Conversions

Bring up the value of your home by building down into the basement.

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Garage bedroom conversion with skylights- Sterlingbuild

Garage Conversions

Make use of unused space with a garage conversion.

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Garage Conversion Guide

A garage does not just have to be home to your car (although we rarely use it for this either), extending or converting your garage can provide extra space for a variety of room types- be it an extra bedroom or that gym room you’ve always wanted.

Like all extensions, garages are not exempt from building rules and regulations, so make sure you read our guide before you go and purchase that dumbbell rack.

Kitchen Extension Guide

The favourite room in the house for many, the kitchen has rapidly become an important space not only for dining, but living and entertaining too.

Our guide to kitchen extensions will cover the different ways you might want to extend the room and provide you with inspirational ideas on how to brighten up the space.  

Kitchen extension with skylights- Sterlingbuild

Kitchen Extensions

Expand your kitchen & cooking area with an extension.

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Single storey extension with skylights and bi-folding doors- Sterlingbuild

Single Storey Extensions

Expand the size of your home with a single storey extension.

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Single Storey Extension Guide

Whether building at the side or rear of your property, ground level and single storey extensions are an ideal way of letting more natural light into your home.

Though the extension itself may be located firmly on the ground, your vision does not have to be as our roof window and bi-fold door recommendations help to create a stylish yet cosy space for the home.