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Energy Efficiency In Home Improvements

Energy efficiency - Enjoy daylight

Looking at your energy bills, you've probably realised homes are big energy consumers. So how can you ensure your home extension or loft conversion won't add a huge increase to your monthly outgoings?

Whether you're working to a tight budget or want the latest innovative model, you can find a roof window that does more than add light to your room. It can help save money on your energy bills.

Making your home or office both sustainable and energy efficient is a key issue in building regulations, and compliance with these regulations is becoming increasingly important. Using daylight to brighten buildings could save 15m tons of carbon dioxide every year in Europe - as well as reduce lighting bills.

Read about the Government's policy of improving the energy efficiency of buildings and the Planning Portal's Approved Document L.

Choose The Right Roof Window

Energy efficiency - Save on lighting

While all the roof windows we sell meet the basic requirements of building regulations, some are more energy efficient than others. Keep your eye open for a window's U-value - the lower the U-value, the more effective its insulation properties are. As a guide, an average double glazed window has a U-value of 2.8W/m2.

As well as saving on lighting bills, the right roof windows can drive down heating bills. Find out the role of roof windows in an innovative eco-friendly building.

What Other Energy Efficient Daylight Options Are Available?

Energy efficiency - Sun tunnels

Sun tunnels will add natural light to dark or windowless rooms. The difference they create is remarkable and well worth the small investment needed to buy and install them.

Sun tunnels, also known as sun pipes, solar tubes and daylight tunnels, are a great way of reducing the darkness in a room with few or no windows. They capture the rays of light on your roof, transport it through a highly reflective tube into a dull, windowless room below. They can also be a great energy saver, removing the need to lights to be switched on during the day. Easy to fit, they'll brighten any dark hallway, cupboard or stairwell.

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Flat Roofed Rooms Can Be Loved Too!

Energy efficient double glazed flat roof windows

Energy efficient double glazed windows with protective polycarbonate cover will not only add light to your flat roof extension or renovated garage, the double glazing will help keep warm air in your living space during the colder months.

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