Presenting the ECO+ RESET- Our Most Versatile Window Yet

Meet the newest addition to the ECO+ rooflight collection- the ECO+ RESET. One of the brand’s most innovative designs yet, this low pitch roof window is an installer’s dream and a money-saving daylight solution for most homes.

By Larry Bohan on 18 March 2019

ECO+ RESET windows installed in combination

The ECO+ RESET comes with an integrated universal flashing that can be fitted into any type of roof material in quick time. Plain tiles, slate, interlocking tiles, shingles- all are compatible.

Suitable for roof pitches as low as 5° and as high as 90°, the fixed roof window's versatility makes it equally suited to adding daylight into a high pitch, low pitch or flat roof. Other brands require a special low pitch flashing to achieve this lower mounting angle.

These two features are what give the RESET low pitch roof window its name. It's a window that requires a complete reset in thinking when it comes to versatility and practicality. But that's not all...


 Easy Multi Installation

In addition to the ECO+ window flashing being universal, there are also no limits as to how many units can be fitted together in a combination installation. 

Fitting windows in groups of two, three or four can dramatically increase sunlight transmission, turning a dark room over reliant on artificial lighting into a naturally bright space that is both healthy and attractive.

If you wanted to fit more than one ECO+ RESET roof window together vertically or horizontally, there is no need to purchase a combination flashing as with most other brands.

The EPDM flashings that come pre-fitted to the window are all that is needed for a combination install- helping users save both time and money. To see how the ECO+ RESET is installed, see the video above or visit the Sterlingbuild YouTube channel.

Minimising Heat Loss

ECO+ RESET low pitch window cross section

With all its unique features, it’s easy to forget that this triple glazed roof window is also one of the most thermally efficient models on the market with a outstandingly low U-value of 0.79 W/m²K.

This value guarantees minimal heat loss through the roof and a more comfortable temperature all year round. The triple glazed unit will also help to reduce outside noise and provide extra peace of mind from breaks and break-ins thanks to the safety glass used.

Furthermore, the RESET has been put through stringent tests for leaks (including being driven over by a jeep no less) to ensure the flashing is completely waterproof. The window comes with a pre-fitted underfelt collar to help make the window instantly watertight.

To protect against any manufacturing faults, the ECO+ RESET comes with a 20-year glazing guarantee, along with 10 years cover on the window and flashing.

Suitable for Most Projects

ECO+ roof window for pitch and flat applications

The ECO+ RESET low pitch roof window is fit to be installed in house refurbs of any type, be it a loft conversion, side extension or rear flat roof extension.

This unique adaptability combined with the fact that ECO+ RESET low pitch roof windows can let in up to 40% more light than other windows of the same size, makes it a great choice for adding natural light to home improvement projects.

Keeping the window looking as good as new isn't a problem either thanks to a moisture resistant PVC interior profile that simply requires the occasional wipe down with cloth and water.

These conveniently low maintenance requirements make the window highly practical for humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. 

To see what else ECO+ has to offer, check out the ECO+ brand page and discover more high quality flat and pitched roof windows.