Introducing ECO+

ECO+ Rooflights & Roof Windows

Offering leading performance and superb value for money, ECO+ has been developed with you in mind.

ECO+ flat glass rooflights and pitched roof windows are manufactured from only the highest quality materials, covering all the most popular sizes.

All ECO+ flat roof windows come supplied with an integrated 150mm upstand, making ECO+ your ideal lighting solution for new extensions and adding natural daylight to an existing roof.

One of Sterlingbuild's most popular brands, ECO+ roof windows and skylights are available for next day delivery.


eco+ flat glass rooflights installed in dining room

Top Quality, User-Friendly Rooflights

If you are looking for a rooflight that will give your room that wow factor and burst of sunlight without blowing budget, ECO+ is the brand for you. The benefits of ECO+ flat roof windows include superior U-values and a 20-year warranty on glazing that is already both laminated and strength reinforced.

The ECO+ rooflight collection is made up of a full range of standard sizes to suit all flat roofs. Our fixed and electric opening rooflights have more size options than many of the leading brands, giving you more choice on the overall layout of your extension or refurb. Looking for a bespoke fit? Made to Measure pricing is available on request.

Offering the ultimate in convenience, the ECO+ RESET is a flat-pitched roof window hybrid that can be installed in any pitch from 5-90°, in any roof material. It's an installer's dream.

All ECO+ rooflights come with an easy to maintain PVC frame that fits seamlessly into white ceilinged rooms, such as kitchens and dining rooms.

Leading Thermal Performance

When it comes to energy efficiency and thermal quality, ECO+ has some of the lowest U-values on the market, delivering values as low as 1.1 w/m²k on all flat rooflights.

ECO+ rooflights are made with argon gas and a warm edge spacer sandwiched between low-emmision coated glazing. This helps keep heat trapped inside a room and prevents cold entering.

The PVC upstands supplied as standard are foam-filled to further enhance thermal performance. Upstands often require a seperate purchase with other brands, but not so with ECO+ - saving you time and money.

ECO+ pitched roof windows are also engineered with outstanding insulation properties, triple glazing and a U-value of 0.83W/m²K.



eco plus rooflights installed in kitchen area

Pioneering Rooflight Innovation

In 2017, ECO+ became the first rooflight brand to manufacture a flat roof window with pre-fitted LED lights. The multi LED rooflight enables users to operate the LED lights by remote control to create new and exciting ambiances with seven different colours on demand. This pioneering flat rooflight carries all the same impressive thermal qualities as the standard ECO+ flat glass, while the LED lights are 90% less power consuming than incandescent bulbs to keep energy costs down.

Another example of the brand’s innovative design is the ECO+ spherical glass rooflight, the world’s first flat roof window with integrated triple-glazed, spherical glass. Both the multi LED and Spherical can be purchased for free next day delivery.

For complete practicality and luxury, the ECO+ switch glass rooflight can change from transparent to opaque at the press of a button.


Flick between seven different colour settings with your remote control to help you create the right ambience whatever the mood.


The rooflight's rounded glass unit helps capture more light that a conventional flat glass pane. 4 sizes in stock. Perfect for 0° roof pitches upwards.

Triple Glazed Roof Windows

Through its pitched roof window offering, ECO+ has raised the bar for standard roof windows at a price that everybody can afford.

Where most of the leading roof window brands treat triple glazing as a luxury upgrade, ECO+ makes all of its core range with triple glazing as standard, such is their commitment to developing windows with consumer satisfaction in mind.

This includes the ECO+ RESET window which comes with an integrated flashing that can be installed into any roof material at virtually any pitch.

Double glazed pine windows are available for shed roofs and smaller exterior spaces looking in need of healthy daylight and ventilation.


Blinds & Accessories

Whether you want to better control incoming daylight or simply add a splash of colour to your room's décor, ECO+ blinds are available to complement ECO+pitched and flat roof windows. Rooflight blinds come in a contemporary white. Choose between beige and blue for your pitched roof window blind.

ECO+ blinds for flat roof windows require a crank opener for safe opening, while a telescopic control rod can be purchased for ECO+ roof windows installed out of arm’s reach.

For added protection against condensation and optimal water tightness and insulation, low cost insulation and underfelt collars can enhance the performance of your ECO+ roof window.

For warm roof installations and green roofs, a 150cm extension kerb can be purchased to ensure your ECO+ rooflight meets current building regulations.