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ECO+ Fixed Flat Glass Rooflight Leads The Way In Quality & Price

 ECO+ fixed flat glass rooflight 45x85cm for en-suite bathroom extension

It is not unfair to say that what often puts people off purchasing a good-looking and effective rooflight is the hefty price tag sometimes attached to these modern architectural wonders.

While it is true that some of today’s rooflights can be wallet-busters capable of blowing renovation budgets out the proverbial window, there are many contemporary and cheap rooflights available that do not sacrifice anything on aesthetics. AND THEN, every so often, you get a rooflight arrive on the market that looks as though it should belong in the high-cost category but is in fact extremely affordable and within budget. The ECO+ fixed flat glass rooflight 45x85cm is just that and more.

The ECO+ fixed flat glass rooflight is a stylish and highly energy efficient flat roof window with the potential to bring any room in the house to life. Regardless of whether it’s a bedroom, kitchen or en-suite bathroom you are looking to fill with the goodness of natural daylight, this ECO+ rooflight is a perfect match for most rooms thanks to a white PVC frame that blends effortlessly into white ceilings.

Unsurprisingly at just £222+ VAT, our limited offering of ECO+ fixed flat glass 45x85cm rooflights will sell out fast, so don’t miss your chance to commit daylight robbery (literally!) by pre-ordering yours today.  

Here is the full lowdown on this eye-catching rooflight:

Designed With you in Mind

 ECO+ fixed flat glass rooflight 45x85cm for home extension with white roof

This ECO+ rooflight has been built with insulation at the forefront of design with a 1.1 W/m²K u-value that is one of the lowest out there. The window is made up of a laminated inner pane of glass and toughened outer pane separated by argon gas and a warm edge spacer. To reduce heat loss further, the double-glazed exterior pane has a low E coating that effectively reflects heat, great for the winter months when the heat tries its best to get away from us.   

The laminated interior pane of glass will make your purchase an even safer one with the knowing that if your window somehow shattered, it would stay in place long enough for you to get a replacement. If that’s not enough, when purchasing the ECO+ fixed flat glass rooflight from Sterlingbuild, you’ll receive a 10-year guarantee for the window, 20-year guarantee for the glazing unit and lifetime guarantee against hail damage! The ECO+ flat glass rooflight is designed with you in mind.

Pre-fitted PVC Upstand

 ECO+ fixed flat glass rooflight 45x85cm black exterior finish

As is standard with all ECO+ flat glass rooflights, the fixed 45x85cm model comes supplied with a pre-fitted, 150mm high insulated PVC upstand. When placed over the structural opening in your roof, the foam-filled multi-chambered upstand partners with the window panes to help keep the temperature in your room nice and toasty.

Saving you on not only time and money, the upstand comes in a white internal finish that means you will likely not have to worry about painting it to match with your interior décor.

With the ECO+ flat glass rooflight available in 11 other sizes, electric opening and with pre-fitted LED, it is no wonder that ECO+ is the fatest growing flat roof window in the UK.

For any further questions regarding this product, i.e, delivery times and installation, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly customer service team who would be more than happy to help.