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Visually outstanding and thermally efficient, aluminium bifold and sliding doors have become go-to transition pieces for contemporary, open floor living spaces.

By Larry Bohan on 17 Oct 2018

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Back in 1931, New York’s Empire State Building became the first well known building to use aluminium components in its construction. 87 years, 100 floors, 6,500 windows and one enormous gorilla swatting away planes atop a roof later and their is still hundreds of tonnes of aluminium used in the iconic skycraper's structure.

Humanity had not even heard of aluminium’s existence as little as 200 years ago. Now, however, aluminium is one of the construction industry’s favourite materials thanks to an abundance of qualities that make it easier to work with, ship and recycle.

Aluminium, especially the more slimline varieties, has become a go-to product for architects advising aluminium doors to clients looking to improve the thermal performance and overall appearance of extensions and conservatories.

In this blog we will take a closer look at aluminium doors and why, like King Kong back in 1932, they are so firmly on the rise.

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The Main Strength of Aluminium Doors? Their Strength

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Thanks to the high strength to weight ratio of the material, aluminium doors can stand up to a lot of weight and are therefore able to hold large, heavy panes of glass within its framing.

It is aluminium that makes possible the large glass spans that are common in large skyscrapers like Frankfurt’s Commerzbank Tower. In order for other building materials like timber and PVC to allow such arrangements, bulky profiles and couplers are usually needed.

This high strength to weight ratio allows aluminium doors to utilize more glass in its structure. The more glass that’s used, the brighter and healthier the room or rooms it serves become.

Aluminium bifold doors from REAL can accommodate 1200mm wide panels, while REAL Aluminium sliding doors can accommodate even more at 2500mm width per panel.

The clearer views of the exterior which aluminium doors provide can only be a good thing for all occupants. The slimline aluminium frames used as standard on all REAL Aluminium doors are up to 50% slimmer than some uPVC units, creating an even more seamless link between home and garden.

Aluminium Looks Better For Longer

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Aluminium doors are prized for their sleek appearance, with the appeal of grey and black aluminium interiors continually growing. However, while this ultra-contemporary look is a big draw for homeowners, it is the longevity of these aesthetics that is often the biggest attraction.

The average lifespan of aluminium doors is without question superior to timber and uPVC doors. Powder coated for a more durable finish, aluminium doors will not rust or peel over time, nor will they ever warp or bow, retaining that fresh off-the-line look for longer.

Maintaining the pristine appearance of aluminium doors is a straightforward job with occasional cleaning and hinge lubrication the only real upkeep required. 

The high-quality colour process which REAL Aluminium doors go through eliminate any chance that the door may naturally discolour, protected by the 25-year paint guarantee on all products.

Minimal Heat Transfer and Low Carbon Footprint

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While aluminium doors might be more expensive than uPVC models, when you weight up the comparable short and long term benefits of the two, it becomes clear that aluminium doors offer better lifetime value for money, especially when you factor in thermal performance.

Doors made using aluminium have a high resistance to heat transfer, ensuring the warmth inside a room stays inside a room, while draught remains outside.

This energy efficiency should mean significantly lower energy bills during winter. REAL Aluminium offers solar control on its bifolds, sliders and French doors to prevent overheating during summer, thus providing a comfortable temperature all year round.

Aluminium doors are highly weather resistant and can handle harsh conditions a lot better than uPVC. Timber and uPVC can expand and contract with changes in temperature, whereas aluminium wont. Aluminium doors remain highly stable in harsh climates so are far less likely to cause problems with opening and closing.

With aluminium doors you get the added benefit of knowing that once the door does eventually reach the end of its life, the material is 100% recyclable and retains all its characteristics during the recycling process.

The lightweight, easy to ship nature of aluminium also lowers its impact on the environment thanks to its less load in transit and when moving across site.

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Now that you know a bit more about the advantages of working with aluminium and the benefits aluminium external doors and front doors can bring to a property, why not explore the aluminium products we have available at Sterlingbuild.

If you are currently undergoing or planning for an extension, why not take advantage of our current bundle offer which gets you 5% of your order when you purchase an aluminium door alongside one of our rooflights.

Aluminium bifold doors and sliders are available in a selection of standard arrangements or made to measure for a more personal and unique design.

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