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Vampires and Gremlins aside, who doesn’t like the sun. Filling our homes with natural light is an infallible way of making our indoor living environment healthier. Not only does sunlight brighten up our surroundings, it also helps to keep the temperature in our homes naturally warmer when we need it most.

Just how radiant our households can be depends on the window. The size and spec of a room's roof windows, rooflights or casement windows is what dictates its natural brightness and warmth.

Technological advances in the manufacturing of windows over the years has seen a number of features added to roof windows to help create these optimum levels of home comfort, with double glazing, argon gas and low emission glass three examples of this. One of the easiest ways of harnessing the goodness of the sun through our windows, however, is by simply choosing a larger window.

It’s easy, the larger the pane of glass, the greater the amount of natural light. A simple equation that even Dracula and Gizmo could appreciate.

Large roof windows do not necessarily have to mean large price. In fact, large windows can even be cheap roof windows if you look in the right place. Large roof windows from Dakea, all over 1 metre wide, are some of the cheapest roof windows available at Sterlingbuild, for sale at a price that contradicts the impressive spec attached to every unit. We are currently giving 30% of Dakea pine windows to increase savings further. 

All of our Dakea windows come with double-glazing as standard, meaning you will not be missing out on the benefits that come with having that extra pane of glass. All models are also filled with argon gas and have low-E coating glass to protect against heat loss in the winter.

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Large Windows Let in More Light

Opting for a large window over a smaller window will naturally increase the amount of sunlight that enters your room. Generally speaking, roof windows let in 40% more sunlight that vertical windows- making them a no-brainer when designing a home extension or conversion.

Not only will large and long roof windows improve a room’s glow by brightening up all corners, the abundance of natural light let in will do wonders for any occupants of the room given the many health benefits the sun provides.

Exposure to natural light is known to help boost energy and moods and generally make you feel better. Sunlight can also regulate your natural circadian rhythm, encouraging better sleeping at night and thus making it a perfect solution to the current problems inflicting the 'Indoor Generation'.

Cheaper Than a Combination Installation

Though many homemakers prefer to install a number of small roof windows in order to spread light around their room, a single large roof window can not only compete with combination installations in terms of light transmission, but it can do so at a more economical rate. Opting for one big roof window can save you large sums on buying two smaller windows, leaving you extra money to spend elsewhere on your home improvement.

This does not mean large roof windows cannot be installed in combination, however. Fitting two large Dakea windows side by side can still save you substantial sums compared to other brands.

As well as this, large pine roof windows from Dakea will help keep your room warm during the winter months thanks to the low emission coating on the glass reflecting heat back into the room, along with way above average U-values. These features increase the likelihood of you being able to forgo electric lighting and save on energy bills.

Broaden Your Views of The Outdoors

If you are planing on opening up your roof to the great outdoors with an eye level installation as part of a loft conversion, large roof windows will naturally create a stronger connection between your home and the outside world. 

Large windows provide more space for two people to look out of at the same time, enabling you to take in and enjoy exterior views in the company of another.      

All Dakea roof windows come in centre pivot, the most popular opening style on the market.

Make Your Room Feel Bigger

Showering your room with natural daylight is one way of increasing the feeling of space, while the sheer presence of the window itself will also make the room seem bigger. 

While the appearance of a larger room is more psychological than anything else, one benefit that is undeniable is the property of your home is certain to rise with the installation of a large roof window, given its popularity among buyers.  

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Value for money large roof windows are also available from ECO+ and RoofLITE in PVC and white paint.