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Choose The Right Roof Window Blind For Your Room

You cannot have a loft conversion without finishing it off with a stylish blind. Not only will they look great, they will bring a range of benefits to your home. Guest blogger, Girl in a Hard Hat, takes a look at the choice of loft window blinds available to help you make the right choice for your living space.

VELUX window blackout blinds

Loft window blinds have come a long way since days when your choices were limited to standard roller blinds in a narrow range of colours. Modern loft blinds now combine superb functionality with on-trend styling. There really is something for everyone, from soft light diffusing pleated blinds to robust roller shutters.

Modern blinds allow you to control light and heat in your room in a number of chic and stylish ways, as well as offering protection from unwanted insects and providing you with additional security.

Whether you are thinking of updating your current loft blinds or are planning a brand new loft conversion, take a moment to check out the vast array of blinds available in the list below to help you decide which one is right for you.

Blackout Blinds

These have a reflective back coating, which enables you to create a total blackout environment anytime of the day. Perfect for kids' rooms or for anyone working shifts who needs a quality sleep environment during the day.

There are also some brilliant on-trend kids' roller blinds featuring a wide range of characters from Star WarsDisney and Winnie the Pooh.

VELUX window blackout blinds

Duo Blackout Blinds

Effectively duo blackout blinds are a pair of blinds combined. So you have a blackout blind and a pleated blind all in one system. Use the blackout blind to remove the light from the room, then draw this back leaving a pleated blind to soften the sunlight entering your room. Ideal for kids' rooms; blackout the sunlight for naps, and leave the pleated blind in position for playtime without the intense glare of the sun.

VELUX window energy blinds

Roller Blinds

These are both practical and stylish and are available in a huge range of colours and prints to suit any room scheme. They are a popular, budget friendly way to soften light coming in through your bedroom or extension roof window.

VELUX roller blinds

Venetian Blinds

Give your window a simple, clean and contemporary look. The ability to easily adjust the angle of the slats gives you complete control over the amount of light entering your room.

Add this popular blind to your VELUX or FAKRO roof window, or choose a pocket friendly multi-fit Venetian blind that will fit a range of roof window brands.VELUX window Venetian blinds

Roman Blinds

Ideal for when you want your window to look a little more ‘dressed’, Roman blinds are an excellent way to soften your window, shading you from the light, rather than excluding it. They work particularly well if you use your roof space as a work from home office or living area.

Roman blinds are only available for VELUX windows.

VELUX window Roman blinds

Pleated Blinds

If you’re looking for a stylish way to produce a soft and diffused light into your room, then pleated blinds are the answer. They allow privacy without blocking out the light and can usually be set at different positions on the window, allowing optimum lighting flexibility.

Take a look at the great choice of VELUX and FAKRO pleated blinds.

VELUX window pleated blinds

External Awning Blinds

An ingenious way to prevent your room overheating. The idea being that as they sit above your window, they stop strong sunlight and heat hitting your window pane full on. As awning blinds are fitted externally, you can still fit the blind of your choice on the inside.

Control the summer heat in your room with VELUX and FAKRO awning blinds.

VELUX window awning blinds

External Roller shutters

Installed outside your window, roller shutters have a number of practical benefits; they allow you to accurately control the amount of incoming light, they give you protection from the elements and also provide you with the peace of mind of extra security. Roller shutters can be operated electronically or solar operated via remote control.

Both VELUX and FAKRO sell external roller shutters for their roof windows.

VELUX window shutters

Insect Screens

An ingenious idea that prevents mosquitoes and other insects flying in through your open window. Insect screens are fantastic during spells of warmer weather, when you want the benefits of fresh air without the accompanying nuisance of insects flying around your room.

VELUX window insect blinds

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