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VELUX centre-pivot windows and PU finish

Planning to install a roof window into your home is tricky enough when considering a plethora of options such as where to place it and what one to go for, but planning to install a roof window on a tight budget is an even bigger challenge!

The question we get asked the most by builders and homeowners is, “I want some cheap VELUX windows. What have you got?”

The majority of pitched roof windows listed in this blog are those with a white-painted finish. This is due to an increase in popularity of shabby-chic interiors over the last number of years, leading to white painted roof windows becoming VELUX’s core range.

Below we look at the cheapest VELUX windows available at Sterlingbuild across a number of different categories. To discover more cheap roof windows at Sterlingbuild,  see our range from VELUX's sister company, RoofLITE, or explore the pitched roof window collection from ECO+

Cheapest VELUX Centre Pivot Roof Window

White painted, centre-pivot VELUX roof windows start from only £167+VAT for the 55x78cm GGL CK02 2070 and are a welcome addition to any room. Their reflective nature helps keep natural daylight in your home as well as making your rooms feel brighter and even fresher.

Cheapest VELUX White PU Roof Window

If you’re not a fan of a vintage looking roof window then don’t worry, maybe the white polyurethane (sometimes better known by the acronym PU) is the best choice for you. White PU windows are able to adapt effortlessly to their surroundings and will match any existing white windows.

Because they require next to no maintenance, PU windows are ideal for humid rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Similar to the white painted roof window, PU windows have a highly reflective surface, helping keep natural daylight in your home.

The 55x78cm GGU CK02 0070 is VELUX's cheapest white polyurethane roof window and is available for next day delivery.

VELUX top hung windows suitable for escape requirements

Cheapest VELUX Top Hung Roof Window

Installing a top-hung roof window can really help you reap the benefits of any fantastic views you have surrounding your home. Operated with an elegant handle at the bottom of the sash, top hung windows open outwards and offer a completely unobstructed view of the scenery. Making these windows ideal for installing at eye-level.

The GPL CK04 2070 55x98cm is VELUX's cheapest top-hung roof window, at just £253+VAT.

Cheapest VELUX Escape Roof Window

There are times during a loft renovation or conversion that an escape window is required to meet Building Regulations. Escape windows do exactly as their name entails; they offer an easy exit route from the room for the occupant.

Escape windows must be of a certain size to comply with escape requirements – one of these being that the occupant of the room must be able to fit out of the window easily in case of an emergency.

VELUX escape windows start from just £253+VAT for the GPL CK04 2070 55x118cm.

VELUX flat glass rooflights - with or without dome

Cheapest VELUX Flat Glass Domed Rooflight

Flat glass domed rooflights offer a completely different solution for homeowners. If you're planning to build an extension with a flat roof, a flat glass domed rooflight could be the perfect addition, flooding the room with natural light. Consisting of an eye-catching glazing pane constructed inside an insulated PVC kerb with a single skin polycarbonate dome to finish, the VELUX flat glass domed rooflight is a surprisingly affordable option for rooms where pitched roof windows are not suitable.

VELUX flat glass domed rooflights are available in fixed, manual and electric operation.

Available at just £361+VAT, the CFP S00G 060060 60x60cm is VELUX's lowest priced flat glass domed rooflight and is available in three working days with free GB delivery.

Cheapest VELUX Flat Glass Rooflight

Flat glass rooflights are another fantastic option available to those with flat roof extensions. Citing the same structure as the flat glass domed rooflight, the only difference being the lack of polycarbonate dome.

A slimline product that offers a sleek-looking finish that exudes elegance and simplicity, the flat glass rooflight can transform any space and is ideal for bringing in a great deal of natural light.

VELUX flat glass rooflights are available in fixed or electric operation, and in either flat glass or VELUX’s latest addition to their flat glass family – curved glazing.

The CFP S00M 060060 60x60cm flat glass rooflight starts from just £453+VAT and is available in three working days with free GB delivery.

VELUX INTEGRA electric and solar roof windows

Cheapest VELUX INTEGRA Electric Roof Window

Electric roof windows have evolved over the years to now become one of the most affordable centrepieces in the roof window world. Easily operate your roof window with a wall switch or with your mobile phone using VELUX ACTIVEAll electric roof windows come with a rain sensor that automatically closes the window at the slightest detection of water.

The VELUX GGL CK02 207021U 55x78cm starts from just £402+VAT and is available in three working days with free GB delivery.

Cheapest VELUX INTEGRA Solar Roof Window

Solar windows come with the same wonderful features as the electric windows but they have the added benefit of having no wires. That means no mains connection and no extra fees on your electric bills.

Like the electric roof windows, all solar-powered skylights come with a rain sensor that automatically closes the window at the slightest detection of water and are compatible with VELUX ACTIVE.

The GGL CK02 207030 55x78cm starts from just £466+VAT and is available in three working days with free GB delivery.

Please note: All prices correct at time of publication.