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Bifolding Patio Doors- IN or OUT?

REAL bi-fold doors extending out into garden

For the last few decades now, the popularity of bifold patio doors has continued to rise, largely thanks to them being a fashionable and practical way of opening up a kitchen or living area to the great outdoors. 

The concertina opening style and tidy finish of bifolding doors, or folding sliding doors as they are also known, has allowed homeowners to create a seamless link between home and garden.

Bifold doors have played a large role in the ‘don’t move, improve’ idea that has encouraged homeowners to find extra living space in their home by building a kitchen extension or single storey extension instead of moving out.

A recent article from an industry commentator, however, has suggested that people are beginning to shut the door on these, well, doors, and look at other options. 

Although there are other ways of connecting indoors and out, bifold doors remain an extremely popular choice with the modern homeowner and are rightly near the top of most people’s shopping list when planning a home extension.

At Sterlingbuild, we feel bifold doors are still as trendy as ever, so much so that we have launched a new range of impressive aluminium bifold doors from REAL.

Real Aluminium- Energy Efficient and Easy on Your Wallet

REAL Aluminium bi-folding patio doors open

As well as sliding effortlessly into your home’s décor and providing uninterrupted views of the kids or grandchildren running around in the garden in the spring and summer, our new range of REAL Aluminium bifold doors will also help you stay warm when the weather turns. On top of this, the high level of insulation provided by the aluminium frame will also keep your wallet or purse comfy thanks to the money you're bound to save on energy bills.

The list of benefits attached to REAL Aluminium bifold doors also include; long-lasting colour, easy maintenance, impressive durability and enhanced security from a multi-point locking system. 

Whatever door configuration you might be after with your bifolding doors, our prices on aluminium doors from REAL are the cheapest price out there, regardless of how many doors you might need for your project.

Visit our new REAL Aluminium portal for further inspiration on bifolding doors, roof windows, rooflights and lanterns. If you are currently undergoing a home extension or planning one, why not consider purchasing a REAL aluminium window, lantern and door in the same order for a 5% discount. Not only will your new extension look consistent throughout, but you will save yourself a lot of money in the long run with this affordable package.