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Home Improvement Ideas- uPVC Doors

uPVC french doors

uPVC doors are the door of choice for millions of households up and down the UK at the front and rear of properties, and increasingly, anywhere inbetween.

Once considered flimsy and brittle, uPVC doors have long since proven themselves extraordinarily reliable with a number of benefits that have stood the test of time.

How have uPVC doors become so popular? Well they are durable, low maintenance and low cost- three huge draws for homeowners. They are also tough on impact and 100% recyclable.

While timber doors, a style that has been around for centuries, look great on the eye, they are an expensive option with a number of well-known long-term biological shortcomings. uPVC doors are by far the more affordable choice when fitting a new front door or installing exterior doors as part of a home extension or new build. uPVC doors will not rot, crack or warp, common failings of timber if not properly looked after. 

Although the arrival of composite doors means you can now recreate that traditional timber front door look without having to worry about the inherent problems of wood, they are still a higher priced option that may be beyond the budget of many.

uPVC front doors, back doors and uPVC exterior doors really do offer the best of all worlds. In addition to be being the cheapest option on the market, they owe their ever-increasing popularity to the thermal efficiency and enhanced security features that now comes as standard on all good contemporary uPVC doors.

Wherever in the home you are looking to install a new or replacement door, be it in the front garden, at the end of your dining room extension or in separating lounge and kitchen, uPVC is a versatile material that can be used on all types of residential door designs, as we discuss below. At Sterlingbuild, we offer a made to measure service on all our uPVC doors.

uPVC Front Doors


upvc front doors

First impressions can be everything. The outside appearance of your home often provides a good indication of how it looks on the inside. This is why it’s important to make sure your front door is up to scratch and not a poor, misleading representation of the rest of your property.

The home should be somewhere to be proud of and getting the front door right can be the first step towards achieving this feeling. If your front door or back door is showing the usual signs of deterioration, i.e, discolouration or draughty when closed, replacing it with a good looking, modern uPVC front door would be a positive step.

Looks of course mean very little if the door cannot protect a home from external elements and burglars. Thankfully uPVC doors do both.

As well as being virtually maintenance free (simply wipe clean every so often), uPVC front doors are highly energy efficient, especially if fitted with a double glazed unit as most modern uPVC doors now are.

Double glazed uPVC doors will keep the temperature in your home warm when it matters most. Stopping cold from entering at the source is vitally important during winter. Nobody likes arriving home out of the cold to an indoor climate that is equally chilly. Double glazed front doors in uPVC will keep the warmth in and intruders out.

As the majority of break-ins occur via the front door, it is an absolute necessity to ensure your front door is as secure as possible just in case. Most of today's uPVC front doors are made with reinforced steel frames to help you and your family feel safer at home and when out.

Each of our doubled glazed front doors come fitted with stringently tested sturdy hinges to make breaking down the door extremely tough, along with a robust multi point locking system for added security.

Sterlingbuild’s uPVC front doors also come with effective sound reduction qualities for even more comfort and can be purchased with either clear or obscure glazing for added personalisation.

uPVC Exterior Doors

uPVC French doors for conservatory

If you are currently thinking of building a ground floor extension and plan on linking your indoor living space to the garden, uPVC French doors, uPVC patio doors and uPVC Bifold doors are three seamless ways of making that connection.

As already explained, uPVC as a material is very durable and virtually maintenance free which means you will not have to worry about any kind of damage or deterioration occurring whether you’re installing externally or internally.

The beauty of uPVC exterior doors is the amount of natural light and fresh air they can let into the home when open and even when closed.

Due to having wider panes, uPVC patio doors transmit more light into the home versus French doors when closed. However, when you consider that French doors can be fully opened to expose the entirety of the room's opening to sunshine and an abundance of fresh air, they make the perfect option for a summer's day.

With uPVC sliding patio doors the whole opening space is unable to be used, whereas double glazed French doors allow a far larger area to walk through. However, some users, such as the elderly, may prefer the opening style of patio doors to the swinging motion of French doors. Offering the best of both worlds is uPVC bifold doors, which can be made with as many uPVC door panels as required to allow optimum sunlight when both open and closed.

Whether you prefer uPVC French doors, sliding patio doors or bifolding doors, all will bring more light into the home than traditional wooden doors, which obstruct light flow. Providing your home with this natural source of light will help you save a lot of money on lighting bills during the daytime.

If installing uPVC exterior doors outside the home, there is never any worry of rot setting in or the doors degrading as uPVC is naturally weatherproof. As far as cleaning goes, retaining that new pristine look for years can be achieved by simply giving the doors a good old fashioned wipe every so often and oiling the hinges now and again.

uPVC sliding doors and bifold doors are increasingly being installed inside the home as an interior feature. As interior doors go, uPVC sliding doors are the perfect mix of modern yet retro. They tend to work well in every type of home, but are particularly effective where space is at a premium. Where there is more space available, uPVC bifold doors provide the best option as they’ll allow for an unprecedented impression of space, as they can collapse into a tiny space, or expand to cover a huge one. 

Ordering Your Made to Measure uPVC Doors

made to measure uPVC doors

Purchasing your made to measure uPVC doors at Sterlingbuild could not be easier. As long as you know what size you need, what configuration you want and have decided on colour and design, we can go about getting them made and delivering your doors to door.

There is a lot you can do with the customisation of uPVC front doors and uPVC exterior doors, with a wide number of styles and colours to choose from.

Though white uPVC doors and black uPVC doors will always be the two most popular colours, our uPVC doors made to measure can be purchased in a variety of alternative shades, including red and green, coloured uPVC exterior doors that will help make your home feel exclusive to you.

If you know what you need, fill out our bespoke form and we will send you a quote as soon as possible. If you are unsure on anything on the form, give one of our experienced sales team a call and they will happily assist you in any query.

For help measuring for your replacement doors or new uPVC door, visit our measuring guide. For now, why not try our online configurator and play around with different designs for a more visual idea on what we offer.

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