Get 5% Off Your Aluminium Door And Rooflight Order

Knock three figures off the price of your home improvements or new build with our offer on rooflights and aluminum garden doors.

By Larry Bohan on 21 Sep 2019

aluminium bifolds with roof lantern

Are you thinking about extending your home or already underway with planning? Whether you're trawling the web for inspiration or mulling over drawings with an architect, at Sterlingbuild you’ll find every component of a modern home extension under the one roof.

From slimline, high security aluminium exterior doors to eco-friendly, low maintenance rooflights and lanterns, we supply all of today's foremost daylighting solutions.

What’s more, to help you turn your dream extension into wonderful reality, we are slashing 5% of all orders made up of a REAL aluminium door and one of our leading overhead lighting products.

Combine your aluminium bifolds, French doors or sliders with a Korniche roof lantern, ECO+ flat roof window or Signature rooflight to save yourself a hefty sum.

What's Included?

aluminium bifolds folded away with roof lantern

Included in our special bundle offer is everything you’d want to create a spacious flat roof home extension that is light, healthy, energy efficient and visually stunning.

Connect your extension to your garden with either aluminium bifolding doors, sliders or French doors from UK manufacturer, REAL.

Made in a slimline aluminium design that is fast becoming the architect’s product of choice, long-lasting REAL doors are easy to operate, provide smooth access and come in a variety of sizes, standard or bespoke, that accommodate most openings.

As your doors fill your extension with daylight and ventilation from ground level, your rooflights or roof lantern can shine down natural light from above. The trio of energy efficient rooflights available in this offer will keep the climate of your new living or dining area healthy and comfortable all year round.

Get the full rundown on the products available in this offer by visiting the REAL, ECO+, Korniche and Signature brand pages. Read on for more about what each can bring to you and your extension.

Get 5% of Your Essential Home Extension Features 


REAL Bifold Doors

The ultimate transition piece for home extensions. Perfect for improving the thermal performance of conservatories and providing stylish access between indoor and outdoor spaces.

REAL bifold doors are made for open plan living, able to neatly fold away for uninterrupted views of the garden then easily come together again when you want to get warm and cosy inside.

Whatever dimensions required, REAL Aluminium bifolds can be tailor-made to suit your needs. Along with size, customisable options include a wide choice of colour, hardware and glazing. 

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REAL bifold doors
REAL Sliding doors

REAL Sliding Doors

Beautifully connect home and garden with REAL Aluminium sliding doors.

Running on stainless-steel sliders in one straight horizontal line, aluminium sliders are one of the most practical ways of linking rooms without any space being taken when the doors are open.

Just as with REAL bifolds and French doors, aluminium sliding doors are made with a slim aluminium frame that maximises incoming daylight and enhances views of the exterior. Available in standard size or made to measure.

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Korniche Roof Lanterns

The picture-perfect daylighting feature that all homeowners long to have sitting imperiously in their roof. Korniche roof lanterns come in standard sizes or custom made to any dimensions and a choice of different colours and tints.

Korniche roof lanterns are quick to install and are built in a slimline aluminium design that works effortlessly with the similarly built REAL doors.

The minimal framing used by Korniche leaves unspoilt views of the sky above, glorious when the stars are out at night.

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korniche roof lanterns

eco+ rooflights

ECO+ Rooflights

ECO+ are one of the roof window industry’s fastest growing brands of rooflight.

The ECO+ flat rooflight range combines fixed and opening flat roof windows with a selection of ground-breaking rooflight designs that are as innovative as they are practical.

All ECO+ rooflights carry impressively low U-values that confirm strong thermal performance. All products come supplied with a pre-fitted PVC upstand that is perfect for newly built flat roof extensions.

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Signature Rooflights 

The Signature range is a modern and elegant collection of flat rooflights made here in the UK. Signature rooflights are available as standard or bespoke units.

Fully compliant with current UK building regulations, Signature flat roof windows can transform extensions into brighter and healthier living areas.

Signature windows provide a wealth of operational possibilities, from fixed, manual and electric flat roof windows, to sliding and walk-on rooflights.

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signature flat rooflights