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A Brief History Of FAKRO

As a relative newcomer in a market that has been dominated by VELUX for a number of years, FAKRO has made a name for itself as a leading force in the roof window industry, changing the way the world looks at manufacturing.

The FAKRO Brand

Since the company launched in 1991, FAKRO has developed into one of the fastest growing roof window manufacturers in the world, dominating around 15% of the global market share at present. Nowadays the company has become a champion of industry technology, setting new standards for the roof window market as a whole.

Ryszard Florek, co-founder and current president of FAKRO, is widely accredited for his role in launching and boosting the production of roof windows in Poland. Now, the company proudly exports not only roof windows but also the solutions, designs and creative ideas of Polish engineers to a huge variety of countries around the world.

For the UK market FAKRO is provided through FAKRO GB, which operates from its HQ in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, complete with offices and a high bay warehouse. There are 16 other distribution companies located around the world, including Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Latvia and Denmark.


Nowadays FAKRO windows have changed significantly from the prototypes seen many years ago, with a steadily increasing list of patent applications in the roof window industry evidence of how companies are finding new ways to appeal to customers. FAKRO holds more than 100 patent applications and utility models to date, a number that has grown hugely since the company was first established. Much of this new progression is done from FAKRO’s own research and development centre, staffed by more than 100 engineers.

FAKRO has been instrumental in changing the face of Polish manufacturing and development, setting new directions for the international roof window industry and unearthing Polish manufacturers as the ones to watch. So much so that the other top two roof window manufacturers, VELUX and Roto, have moved their production to Poland. This global domination of the roof window market has led to every third window installed in the world having started life in Poland. Now that's what you call world domination.

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