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10 Stunning White Bathrooms To Fall In Love With

Transform your unused loft space into a bathroom or shower room with a bright, white finish.

Here are 10 of our favourite white bathrooms we found on Pinterest.

1. Shower Under the Stars

White bathrooms ideas
Via Ong & Ong on Pinterest

2. Mix white and Concrete for a Stylish Finish

White bathroom ideas
Via Decoholic on Pinterest

3. White with Daylight and Views Will Help a Small Bathroom Feel More Spacious

White bathroom ideas
Via Poulsom Middlehurst on Pinterest

4. Use Space Wisely - any Shape Room can Turn Into a Bathing Haven

White bathroom ideas
Via Mecc Interiors on Pinterest

5. Let your Architect go Crazy!

White bathroom ideas
Via J. Mayer H Architect © David Franck on Pinterest

6. White Will Complement any Style That Takes Your Fancy

White bathroom ideas
Via Architecture Art Design on Pinterest

7. If you Don't Want a Huge White tub, Have a Huge White Shower

White bathroom ideas
Via Pinterest

8. Mix Modern Materials With Your Traditional Home

White bathroom ideas
Via Desire to Inspire on Pinterest

9. Simple can Often be Stunning

White bathroom ideas
Via Wenk und Weise on Pinterest

10. Your Only Limit is Your Imagination...

OK...and budget! But if you're creating a bathroom in your loft, talk to us. We'll ensure you get the best prices for your white frame roof windows.

White bathroom ideas
Via Pinterest

Sterlingbuild Tips!

We always recommend our customers to opt for a white PVCu or polyurethane (PU) finish roof window for their bathrooms. These frames are far more moisture resistant than pine finish frames, are easier to keep clean and create a brighter finish. Plus, as they will complement your white ceiling, you get a seamless finish.

If your bathroom will be overlooked by your neighbours or passing traffic, choose an obscure pane to ensure you get the privacy you want. Alternatively, you can buy obscure film for your window pane.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our team of experts.


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