VELUX Pleated Blinds

VELUX DFD and FHL pleated blinds have flexible designs that let you play with daylight. The smooth running stepless positioning means you can place the blind at any point in the frame.

The duo blackout offers two manual blinds in one; a total blackout blind is available for when you need complete darkness, and a pleated blind for when you just want to diffuse sunlight whilst still allowing brightness in.

VELUX energy blackout blinds have a pleated appearance, but offer complete blackout and increase insulation by up to 26%, making them perfect for cold climates & winter nights. These blinds can be manually operated from the top & bottom, allowing you to control light whether it's sunrise or sunset.

Like the energy blackout blinds, flying pleated blinds can be opened from the top & bottom of the window, however these blinds only diffuse the light. Perfect for kitchens, dining & living rooms, these blinds are available for electric INTEGRA & manual windows.

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