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Low Pitch Windows & Flashings

We supply roof windows for all types of buildings and situations; as well as traditional pitched roof windows, often our customers require something a little more specific for their needs.

  • If you're purchasing for an uninhabited space, such as an attic, loft, shed or stables, choose one of our skylights for uninhabited spaces.
  • Looking for the maximum amount of light & a balcony option within seconds? Choose a VELUX CABRIO or FAKRO Galeria window.
  • Pick a passive house window if ultra energy efficiency is important to you - low U-values come as standard.
  • For listed buildings & homes in conservation areas, check with your local planning authority too see what standards you need to meet, then shop our conservation roof windows.
  • To create an L-shape window where the roof meets the wall, providing more daylight & the feeling of extra space, browse our pitched & vertical combinations.
  • For rooms where you need a means of escape or easy access to the roof, pick a FAKRO side hung window.
  • If you need to get rid of smoke or heat, or let air circulate at the touch of a button, shop our smoke ventilation systems.