VELUX Flashing Kit: All Roof Window Sizes

VELUX Flashings

ECO+  Flashings for All Window Sizes & Roof Types

ECO+ Flashings

FAKRO Flashings for All Roof Types & Window Sizes

FAKRO Flashings

RoofLITE Flashings

RoofLITE Flashings

Keylite Flashings for All Roof Types & Window Sizes

Keylite Flashings

Roto Roof Window Flashings

Roto Flashings

Flashings are essential for creating a weathertight installation for your VELUX, FAKRO, RoofLITE or ECO+ roof window. It’s essential to have the right flashing to suit your roof window because it prevents water from entering the gaps between the adjoined building surfaces, which could lead to wood rot and structural damage.

Flashing Buying Guide