Wraparound Extension- Teddington

 teddington wraparound extension

Project Type: Wraparound Extension & Loft Conversion

House Type: Semi-detached

Location: Teddington, London

Time Taken: 7 months

Approx Cost: £120,000

Approx Value Added: £160,000

Built by: Artifex Constructions- http://www.artifexconstruction.co.uk

Daylight: VELUX Roof Windows, Flat Rooflights, Aluminium Sliding Doors

What Was Done?

On the groundfloor a single storey extension was constructed by demolishing the back wall of what used to be the kitchen and making use of the large garden area. Large sliding doors were introduced to easily connect indoors with out.

The build also made use of space at the side of the property to create a wraparound extension that fully maximises the room available.

Upstairs the loft was converted into a habitable bedroom with the introduction of VELUX roof windows. An en-suite bathroom was attached to fully transform the roof space and optimise utility.

staircase and pine roof window in converted loft


rooflights installed in side extension

How Has The Extension Improved The Home? 

The full scale refurb ensured the home was now making the most of the square metres available at both the top and bottom of the house.

Making changes above and at ground level ensures more space for dining and entertaining family and guests, while the extra room in the loft means there's now extra room in the house for anyone staying over.

In addition to it doubling in size, the downstairs living area is now brighter and more self-sufficient thanks to the natural light provided by the rooflights installed at both the side and front of the extension.

Damian, Director at Artifex Construction:

Sterlingbuild was recommended to me by another builder. I am so glad such a firm is on the market, because they provide an extensive range of products which are easily accessible.


I can now supply my clients with more glazing options for their dream house at a reasonable price. The Customer Service is well managed and in any case, I received a quick response and solution to my query.

What Daylight Was Added?

There are effective sources of daylight all over this extension, with three VELUX roof windows spread out across the front of the space, including one above the dining room table to place emphasis on the feature.

Two additional skylights run along the side extension to help ensure daylight reaches all corners of the refurbished living area.

Combining the rooflights with the wide, vertical glazing of the sliding doors maximises natural light flow, while also limiting the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Artifex Constructions cover the London and Surrey areas

back of extension with sliding doors