Rear Single Storey Extension- Orpington

Rear extension orpington

Project Type: Rear flat roof single storey extension

House Type: Semi-detached

Location: Orpington, London

Time Taken: 18 weeks

Approx Cost: £100,000

Approx Value Added: N/A

Built by: Balma Building Services -

Daylight: ECO+ Flat Glass Rooflights (one fixed, one electric), Bifolds

What Was Done?

Previously at the rear of this semi-detached south east London property was a old fashioned conservatory that was particularly outdated.

The conservatory was knocked down and replaced with a flat roof extension incorporating a kitchen at the top of the room and a lounge at the rear. 

The room goes out 6 metres, an extension that now falls within permitted development rights under new building regulations

A space section of the garden has to be lost to accommodate the new space, but the garden has gained a temporary, aesthetically pleasing connection to the home that enables the family to move freely between.

Two ECO+ flat glass rooflights, one fixed and one electric, were added to the roof to provide plenty of natural daylight and ventilation.

How Has The Extension Improved The Home?

An old, inpractical conservatory has been replaced with a space that has given the owners more light and greater energy efficiency, helping restore the house to current time.

The extension has made every day living healthier, lighter and more communal, while being sectioned off in a way that does not make it feel like the family are all on top of one another.

The combination of two well sized ECO+ windows and vertical doors provides enough glazing area to illuminate the whole floor area without leaving any obvious dark spots. 

Including an electric flat roof window ensures an easy escape for  rising steam and odours simply by one click of the pre-paired remote control.

Julia Shipton, Balma Building Services:

We choose ECO+ windows from Sterlingbuild for the customer service, the quality and value for money.

What Daylight Was Added?

The extension's daylight is made up of one ECO+ electric flat glass window in the living area and one fixed ECO+ above the kitchen island.

Connecting home and garden are four-pane aluminium bifold doors.

ECO+ rooflights are an economical solution ideal for extensions of this size and type.

The ECO+ comes with an integrated PVC upstand as standard, its moisture-resistant PVC finish makes it highly suitable for kitchen spaces.

The electric unit has a built-in rain sensor that triggers the window to close automatically at the first sign of rain.

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ECO+ Rooflights on flat roof extension