Rear Extension- Clapham

clapham rear extension external appearance

Project Type: Rear extension (part of whole house refurb)

House Type: Detached

Location: Clapham, South London

Time Taken: 10 weeks (rear extension), 30 weeks (whole house)

Approx Cost: £80,000 (rear extension), £180,000 (whole house)

Approx Value Added: £150,000 (rear extension)

Built by: Home Republic Ltd-

Daylight: VELUX INTEGRA Rooflights, Aluminium Bifold Doors

What Was Done?

The existing conservatory at the back of the property was removed and the garden was cleared with new foundations casted.

The walls were raised, before a fibreglass roof was built on top. The back wall of the house was then removed to create a large kitchen and dining area.

The stunning 6-metre extension contains a kitchen and dining area, featuring kitchen island with cooking facilties, three VELUX INTEGRA electric rooflights and full-size bifolding doors.

before photo of clapham rear extension

kitchen extension clapham

How Has the Extension Improved the Home? 

It has added almost twice the living space as was previously on the ground floor.

The new open plan living area and proximity to the garden has created the feeling of the house and garden became almost one space.

Having three roof windows ensures natural daylight reaches all corners of the space, drastically reducing the need for artificial lighting during daytime hours.

The electric rooflights can also provide the room with healthy ventilation and at the press of a button.

What Daylight was Added?

Three VELUX INTEGRA rooflights, aluminium bifold doors and a PVC casement window. Click here to browse our own aluminium range.

Aleksejs Strikovs, Home Republic:

The VELUX rooflights introduced a lot of natural light, sunshine, sky and good weather.
Sterlingbuild historically provides us with superb rooflights which are always in stock at best prices and quick delivery. Communication is excellent too.


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