Loft Conversion- Paddock Wood

loft conversion with roof windows

Project Type: Loft conversion with en-suite bathroom

House Type: Detached

Location: Paddock Wood, Kent

Time Taken: 9 weeks

Approx Cost: £42,000

Approx Value Added: £65,000

Built by: Aloft by Design Ltd -

Daylight: Centre Pivot Roof Windows

What Was Done?

The existing property had pre truss roof timbers which is very common in new houses.

To create the required space the roof rafters were upgraded to create a new structural roof internally, while support steels for the new floor were added.

No alterations were needed externally so the existing outside roof remained virtually untouched.

Five pitched roof windows were added to enrich the newly created bedroom with natural daylight and ventilation.

staircase and pine roof window in converted loft

en-suite bathroom in kent loft conversion

How Has The Conversion ImprovedThe Home? 

Like a lot of new builds, the property's garden was small, therefore limiting the options for a ground floor extension.

By using a loft conversion to increase the internal living space, the family has managed to get the extra space they were looking for without having to sacrifice outdoor space.

Using multiple roof windows in the master bedroom has transformed the space, addin an abundance of light.

The practical addition of an en-suite bathroom not only adds extra value but also makes the morning rush to use the bathroom a lot less hectic.

Paul Lait, Managing Director Aloft by Design:

Aloft by Design Ltd has traded with Sterlingbuild for many years and they have continued to supply our roof windows and other products at a competitive price.


We look forward to a bright future with Sterlingbuild in support to our existing and new clients.

What Daylight Was Added?

Five centre pivot Laminated roof windows span the roof on both sides to allow daylight to enter from different angles.

Roof windows enable twice as much daylight to fill a space as vertical windows- meaning less dependence on artificial light during the daytime. 

Roller blinds were fitted to each blind to help control heat and glare during the warmer months, as well as to provide basic privacy and complement the decor.

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kent loft conversion with four roof windows