Interior Refurbishment- St Margaret's

interior refurbishment chippenham

Project Type: Interior refurbishment 

House Type: Detached

Location: St Margaret's, Kent

Time Taken: 8 weeks

Approx Cost: £54,000

Approx Value Added: £70,000-£80,000

Built by: Aesir Construction -

Daylight: VELUX electric roof windows, French doors, Casement windows

What Was Done?

The entire space was created by combining three smaller dull spaces; an unused dining room, a small separate kitchen space and a large lobby area. This section of the house was stripped out, with a large chimney and two non-load bearing internal walls removed.

The roof was then reinforced and the new rooflight openings were made. All new insulation, services and plasterboard was then installed as the property started to piece together.

All surfaces were renewed with a new kitchen installed. The end result was a light, airy and welcoming space approximate 8m x 5m in size.

open plan space and exposed beams

kitchen island and vertical glazing

How Has The Extension Improved The Home?

Before the refurbishment began, the home was fragmented, with different family members scattered across the home. The brief was to make an appealing and useable room for everyone to enjoy. 

The property now not only has increased in monetary value, it has also increased in lifestyle values. It now boasts a light and warm vocal point which the entire family naturally gravitates to, increasing their time spent together making new memories and improving the feel of their home with the addition of this uplifting space.

it was clear from the beginning that natural light had to be a big feature to make the most of the vaulted ceiling and the brick feature wall - to give that “wow’ factor. The impact of natural light on this space speaks for itself as the images show.

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Aesir Construction Limited is a relatively new company that prides itself on good working relationships with both clients and suppliers. We have worked with Sterlingbuild since our establishment and hope to do so for the foreseeable future.

What Daylight Was Added?

Six VELUX INTEGRA electronically operated roof windows were installed into the north-facing roof to gain ample natural light without direct sunlight, which would have been too intense and overbearing.

All windows are connected to the VELUX ACTIVE home automation kit to maintain optimum temperature and air quality for the room and its occupants to improve health and wellbeing. ACTIVE allows the windows to be opened via mobile phone or even automatically.

Vertical glazing runs alongside one side of the space with French doors on the other to ensure every square metre receives ample daylight.

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VELUX INTEGRA roof windows installed in roof