Fakro was established in 1991, and is one of the fastest growing manufacturers in their industry. They occupy around 15% of the global roof window market.

FAKRO offers a line of skylights that are ideal for adding daylight and fresh air to uninhabited spaces, or providing roof access. We're proud to have a close relationship with them, to provide roofers with the range of FAKRO access rooflights at the best prices.


Balcony Windows & Roof Terraces

VELUX CABRIO & FAKRO Galeria Balconies & Terraces

Centre Pivot Roof Windows

Centre Pivot VELUX & FAKRO Skylight Roof Windows

Combination Flashings

Combination Flashings for Groups of Roof Windows

Conservation Flashings

Conservation Flashings for Skylight & Rooflight Windows

Conservation Windows

VELUX, FAKRO & Roto Conservation Roof & Loft Windows

Electric & Solar Roof Windows

VELUX & FAKRO Electric & Solar Skylight Roof Windows

Electrical Accessories

FAKRO Electric Window Accessories & Spares

FAKRO Awning Blinds

FAKRO AMZ External Awning Blinds

FAKRO Blackout Blinds

FAKRO ARF Manual & Electric Blackout Blinds

FAKRO Dimming Roller Blinds

FAKRO ARP Manual & Electric Dimming Roller Blinds

FAKRO EFR Flat Roof Gable System

FAKRO EFR Flat Roof Gable Systems

FAKRO External Awning Blinds for Flat Rooflights

FAKRO AMZ C & F Electric Grey Awning Blinds

FAKRO External Roller Shutters

FAKRO ARZ External Roller Shutter | Solar, Electric, Manual

FAKRO Flashings

FAKRO Flashings for All Roof Types & Window Sizes

FAKRO Flat Rooflights

FAKRO Flat, Domed & Walk-On Roof Light Windows

FAKRO Insect Blinds & Fly Screens

FAKRO AMS Fly Screens & Insect Blinds

FAKRO Internal Blackout Blinds for Flat Rooflights

FAKRO ARF Electric & Manual Blackout Blinds

FAKRO Pitched Roof Windows

FAKRO Roof Windows | Electric, Manual, Conservation, Fix

FAKRO Pleated Blinds

Stylish FAKRO APS Manual Pleated Window Blinds

FAKRO Roller Blinds

FAKRO ARS & ARP Standard & Dimming Roller Blinds

FAKRO Venetian Blinds

FAKRO AJP Venetian Window Blinds | Manual & Electric

Flat Glass Domed Rooflights

Flat Glass Domed Rooflights

Flat Glass Rooflights

Flat Glass Rooflights | Electric, Fixed, Manual & Solar

Flat Roof Kerbs

FAKRO EFW Insulated Flat Roof Kerbs

Installation & Insulation

VELUX Installation Accessories

Installation & Insulation

FAKRO Insulation & Weathertight Collars

Loft Ladders Accessories

Loft Ladder & Loft Hatch Accessories

Operation and Security

Opening, Closing & Securing FAKRO Skylight Windows

Passive House Roof Windows

VELUX & FAKRO Passive House Pitched Roof Windows

Pitched & Vertical Combinations

Pitched & Vertical Combination Windows | VELUX & FAKRO

Plain Tile Flashings

Plain Tile Flashings for VELUX, FAKRO, ECO+ & Roto

Recessed Flashings

Slate, Tile Recessed Flashing | VELUX, Fakro, Rooflite, Roto

Sale & Clearance

Sale & Clearance

Side Hung Windows

Side Hung Roof Access Windows & Escape Roof Windows

Skylights for Uninhabited Spaces

Skylights & Roof Windows for Uninhabited Lofts, Attics & Sheds

Slate Flashings

Slate Flashings

Smoke Ventilation Windows

VELUX Smoke & Heat Ventilation Skylights & Roof Windows

Sun Tunnel Accessories & Spares

Sun Tunnel Accessories & Spares

Sun Tunnels

Sun Tunnels & Sun Tubes by VELUX, FAKRO & Lightway

Tile Flashings

Tile Flashings for VELUX, FAKRO, RoofLITE, Roto & ECO+

Top Hung Roof Windows

VELUX & FAKRO Top Hung Windows

Walk-On Rooflights

Walk-On Roof Lights, Glass Floors & Ceiling Windows

Wooden Loft Ladders

Wooden Loft Ladders & Hatches