Why You Should Buy Roto Roof Windows

Published on Wednesday, 1st February 2017

Who is Roto?

Roto is a large company with 1,200 employees throughout Europe. It's based in Germany, and manufacturers roof windows, blinds, flashings and more to sell via specialist dealers. The Roto name is synonymous with pioneering R&D and quality. Many significant innovations in the industry are seen in Roto windows first and replicated by other brands.

This may be the first time you've heard of this premium brand, so let's look at the reasons why you need to consider Roto roof windows for your loft conversion, extension or self-build project.

1. Real Energy Efficiency

The first class design of Roto products means less heat is lost through your installation. Many Roto windows come with the option to include a pre-fitted thermal insulation collar, which will improve the energy efficiency of your installation. The argon filled double and triple glazing are designed to reduce heat loss. The RotoQ has a Uw value of 0.78W/m2K, making it suitable for eco-friendly Passive Houses.

2. Perfection in Design

The strong, weatherproof design of Roto windows is matched by the components used in building the products. Every window is quality tested

3. More Natural Light

Compared to equivalent competitor models, the Designo R7 and R4 models have slimmer profiles that let in up to 10% more daylight.

Plus, the self-clean coating on the outer pane helps keep your view clearer for longer.

4. Quality that Stands the Test of Time

The product guarantees reflect the confidence Roto has in its products:

15 Year Warranty

  • For windows with toughened outer safety glass panes, glass breakage caused by hail
  • Breakage of the fittings (excluding any accessories or any part of the Roto solar system)
  • Breakage of plastic frames in circumstances where the frames have not withstood the level of stress necessary to comply with the RAL quality mark 716/1

5 Year Warranty

  • Defects in Roto roof windows including frames, other than defects falling under the item above
  • Fogging between the panes
  • Defects in Roto solar systems, with the exception of all electrical and moving parts

2 Year Warranty

  • For accessories, including blinds, roller shutters and remote controls
  • Electrical and moving parts of the Roto solar system
  • Replacement parts which are supplied in the event of a guarantee claim in exchange for defective Roto roof window parts, unless the remaining period of the original warranty is longer than 2 years, in which case the warranty on the replacement parts shall be for the remaining period of the original warranty

5. Easy to Install

As a homeowner, it might not mean so much to you that Roto roof windows are easier to install than competitor brands, but your installer will thank you! The new RotoQ "clicks" at every important step of the installation, ensuring it's fitted quickly and properly.

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