Get £25 of VELUX Rewards in July & August 2016

Published on Thursday, 30th June 2016

It's back! Get your VELUX Rewards with Sterlingbuild

We are pleased to tell you, we're teaming up again with VELUX to offer you the chance to treat yourself. 

What are VELUX Rewards?

They are a thank you for choosing VELUX windows.

For each VELUX window* you buy, you can claim a £25 voucher to spend at top high street shops. Put your rewards towards the latest gadgets or stylish homeware, new clothes and shoes, tasty meals, going to see your favourite band, or even a holiday.

Earn VELUX Rewards at Sterlingbuild

How do I earn my VELUX Rewards?

It's easy! In July and August 2016, buy:

  • VELUX top hung roof windows
  • VELUX windows with higher spec glazing, i.e. not safety --70 or toughened --50 glazing

How do I claim my VELUX Rewards?

Simply to go and follow the instructions. You must claim them by 15 September 2016.

Where can I spend my VELUX Rewards?

Spend them as you go or save them up for one big splurge with these VELUX Rewards partners:

VELUX Reward Parners

* Participating models only. One voucher per VELUX window. More Terms & Conditions.