How Do I Find My Roto Window Size Code/Serial Number?

Published on Tuesday, 24th January 2017

To ensure you get a perfect fit for your Roto blind, you will need the size and series of your Roto Frank window.

There's no need to measure your window or glazing area.

  1. Open your window
  2. Check the inside of the frame and/or sash to find a data plate
  3. There may be a protective red, blue or grey case, simply open this to find your data plate; note the series, e.g. 735
  4. Note the size, e.g., 5/9

Roto dataplate

The position of your data plate will vary according to your Roto model.

Series 8 Size Codes

WDF R8 K/H, WDF 84 K/H

Roto Series 8 dataplate

Series 7 Size Codes

WDF R7 K/H, WDF 73 K/H

Roto Series 7 dataplate

Series 6 Size Codes

WDF R6 K/H, WDF 64 K, WDF 62 H, WDF 61 H, WDT R6, WDT 6

Roto Series 6 dataplate

Series 3 and 4 Size Codes

WDF 310-329 Plus, WDF 410-419

Roto Series 3 & 4 dataplate

Series 3 Emergency Escape Size Codes

WDA R3 K, WDA 31 K/H

Roto MOE window dataplate

Blind Size Codes

Roto blind size

Shutter Size Codes


Roto shutter size

If you have any questions, get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to help.