How to Clean & Take Care of Your VELUX Windows

Published on Thursday, 26th February 2015

If you’ve invested in timeless VELUX windows to help illuminate your home, we’re sure you now can’t imagine life without them. This means you’ll want to make sure they last as long as possible, and a little bit of care and attention here and there throughout a window’s lifespan can be a crucial factor in keeping them at their best.


Clean my VELUX outer pane


Taking the time to carry out some little cleaning and maintenance checks here and there is a great way to ensure your VELUX windows will be a fixture in your home for as long as possible, and can save you money in the long-run.


Keep Them Clean

Clean my VELUX air filter

Maintenance is the key to ensuring your VELUX windows last for as long as possible. One important step in the maintenance process is cleaning, which will help make sure your windows are in tip top condition and ensure you are aware of any defects. You can remove the air filters and wash with household cleaners; clean the pane using a soft cloth and water or a little non-abrasive cleaning product.

VELUX recommend you clean the window’s flashing once a year to remove any leaves or debris and allow rainwater to flow freely. You should also try to remove any build-up of snow and ice for the same reason.


Don’t Forget the Primer

If you have timber roof windows, then priming and lacquering them is a great way to ensure they stay strong and don’t succumb to the weather over the years. The VELUX official guidance states this should be done regularly - at least once every four years.

If you have polyurethane roof windows, regular household cleaning products are usually all it takes to care for your windows. If you do notice any more in-depth damage, such as scratching, then simply use a VELUX repair kit to fill and re-paint the frame, and restore it to its former glory for many more years to come.


Annual tasks

Clean my VELUX flashing

Another job that can prolong the life of your windows is ensuring any hinges, closing mechanisms and fittings are lubricated yearly to keep everything working as it should. Sterlingbuild sells official VELUX maintenance kits that come equipped with everything you need to keep your windows at their best.

Whilst you carry out your yearly maintenance checks, it's worth changing the ventilation filter and gasket to help keep everything fresh. Once you have removed and replaced them, VELUX recommend double checking the window opens and closes properly to ensure everything is back in the right place.

VELUX roof windows can prove to be a luxury addition to any home, helping to make everything lighter, brighter and more inviting for you and your family. Taking the time to carry out some little cleaning and maintenance checks here and there is a great way to ensure your VELUX roof windows will be a fixture in your home for as long as possible, and may save you money in the long-run by avoiding costly repairs or replacements.


VELUX Maintenance Kits

If you want to prolong the life of your VELUX roof window or simply give it a touch up, all you need is a VELUX maintenance kit. VELUX offers a range of products that will come in hangy if you want to replace an air filter, repair a scratch, oil hinges, paint the frame or give it a new, shiny lacquer.

Maintenance kit for VELUX roof windows (ZZZ 220)

Surface repair kit for VELUX pine windows (ZZZ 176)

VELUX ZZZ-220 maintenance kit

• Lubricant for hinges & locks
• Air filter, 3m
• Foam for ventilation flap (will fit 2-3 windows), 3m

VELUX repair kit for timber skylights (ZZZ 176)

• 300ml TOPfinish varnish
• 1 paint brush
• 3 types of sandpaper (grain sizes 80, 120 & 240)

The VELUX service kit for pine and polyurethane (PU) frames is a great product for DIY roof window servicing. We recommend you grease fittings and hinges at least once a year for best performance. The VELUX surface repair kit is the perfect solution for repairing scratches on pine VELUX frames (not the glass pain). If your roof window needs a simple touch-up, this is the kit for you.

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