Which FAKRO Flashing Kit Do I Need for My Roof?

Published on Friday, 26th April 2013

Do you need help selecting the right FAKRO roof window flashings? Then you've come to the right place. We'll help you find the flashing and save you money with our low prices.

Why Do I Need Flashing for my FAKRO Window?

Flashings ensure a durable, neat fit for your FAKRO window in your roofing material. They ensure good drainage of rain, which will protect your roof windows and roof for years to come.

All flashings are made using aluminium protected with a polyester varnish. The standard colour is RAL 7022, which integrates nicely with most roofing material.

FAKRO flashings

Use the information below to find the FAKRO flashing you need for your tile or slate roof. These standard flashings are for the most popular applications, however, if you would like a recessed installation for better aesthetics and thermal performance, or any other FAKRO flashing, we're more than happy to talk through your available options with you.

Flashing for high profiled roofing material
Flashing for plain roof tiles

Flashing for Deep Tiles

Flashing for Plain Tiles

TickRoof material profile 90mm thick
TickTiles and metal sheeting
TickRoof pitch 15-90°
TickCan be used in single or group installations
TickRoof material profile 24-32mm thick
TickPlain tiles and shingles
TickRoof pitch 25-90°
TickCan be used in single or group installations



Flashing for tiled roofs
Flashing for slate roofs

Flashing for Interlocking Tiles

Flashing for Slate

TickRoof material profile 45mm thick
TickTiles and metal sheeting
TickRoof pitch 15-90°
TickCan be used in single or group installations
TickSlate up to 10mm thick
TickNatural and fibre cement roof slate
TickRoof pitch 15-90°
TickCan be used in single or group installations



Specialist Flashing Kits

FAKRO also supplies a range of non-standard flashing kits that will suit a huge range of products. The 2 most popular are listed below, however, if you need a flashing kit for balcony windows, L-shaped combination windows, or flat roof gable system to name a few, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.

Flashing for flat roofs
Flashing for conservation windows

Flashing for Flat Roofs

Flashing for Conservation Areas

TickFlat roofing material
TickRoof pitch 0-15°
TickCan be used in single installations
TickChoice of tile, plain tile, deep tile and slate flashing
TickRecessed fit option for better aesthetics
TickCan be used in single window installations



Ask Us!

If you're still unsure of which flashing kit you need or would like to discuss other FAKRO flashing available, such as recessed or for joining roof windows at the ridge of your roof, get in touch with our team of experts.

Send us a photo of your roofing material