Quality roof windows

VELUX combi windowsThe benefits of natural light are well documented* and roof windows are an effective means of illuminating awkward or restricted spaces, as well as being an attractive design feature in their own right.

We sell a complete range of roof windows available in a wide choice of sizes and finishes, with a choice of different manufacturers to any room's needs. Whether you're project is a loft conversion, extension or adding more light to an existing room, we have the window for you.

* For more information watch the VELUX video More Than a Window

Make the most of your roof window

The position of the roof window(s) is vital in making sure you get to enjoy the views and daylight:

  • Select a window with the right length in relation to where it will be positioned of your roof
    • Position the top edge of the roof window can be slightly higher than you would for a vertical window for a better view
    • The more windows, the better your view so consider a combi installation. We advise that window space should make up a minimum of 25% of your room's total area.
  • Select a window with that's right for your roof's pitch
    • The bottom edge of your window should be 90 - 120cm above your floor; the top edge should be about 200cm above floor level.
    • The flatter the roof, the longer the window.

We offer a FREE delivery service on roof window orders over £200.